Floorplan Digitization
Digital Artists

For clients wishing to have floor-plans digitized for use in touchpanel interfaces, we offer a cost-effective service. There are three levels of price and screen resolution offered. These levels range from inexpensive residential solutions to high-resolution and highly detailed graphics for the most demanding commercial clients.

The pricing for a 1 to 3 story building is listed below. For 4 or more stories, please contact us for custom pricing.

Floorplan Options, Resolution and Price
Basic (outlines only)
Silver (cabinets, plumbing)
Gold (furniture, details)

If your project doesn't have architectural plans or drawings, we can still help. Call for hourly rates on re-creating your floor-plans on site. Who ever said we'd never use anything we learned in geometry class again?

We also offer a photography service for inclusion in your touchpanels. Using a professional photographer and state-of-the-art optics, your rooms will come to life on your touchpanels. Call for pricing.