Touchpanel Design
Automation Experts

Our team of artists and animators is capable of producing the highest-level of quality in graphic design. Automate the World brings the following to your project:

  • Team of Artists and Animations
  • Vast touchpanel design experience
  • 3D models and animation
  • Custom, semi-custom or pre-made solutions

Past work experience includes creating custom touchpanel solutions for various clients throughout the Chicago area. These touchpanel interfaces have been installed in numerous jobs over the past decade across the country and as far as Bermuda.

Our artists and animators use such tools as Adobe Photoshop® and 3D Studio Max® to create bitmaps and 3D models used in our touchpanels. Automate the World has created an entire library of 3D models of various automation objects, ranging from audio, video, security, HV/AC, industrial, lighting, and more. Using 3D models gives us the ability to create more options for you. 3D also gives us the ability to quickly and easily create fully animated interfaces, a rarity in the automation world these days. In addition, 3D means we can render any of our objects from thousands of angles, which gives us the ability to bring more interface designs and choices to you.

Our clients will have the option of purchasing off-the-shelf solutions, or hiring our art team for a completely custom or semi-custom interface design. Our team is capable of providing all levels of service to its clients, from small installations, to complete interfaces for large facility automation.

We could write pages about how much you'll love our interfaces, but we'll let our graphics do the talking for us. Please visit our touchpanel gallery to see examples of what your touchpanels could look like.

Video Screens by ATW Artists