Who We Are
The Company and the People

To serve you best, Automate the World consists of an experienced team of:

  • Programmers
  • Artists and Animators
  • Systems Integrators
  • Planning and Management Specialists
We have decades of experience in automation and user-interfaces. Our most experienced Crestron programmer started working with Crestron equipment in 1993. In 2001, our teams of artists created a ground-breaking custom touchpanel interface for Sound & Vision of Orland Park, IL - an interface that was unprecedented in quality and usefulness 10 years ago, and is still relevant today!

Our programmers specialize in not only in Crestron, but also C/C++ and many other languages. No matter what your automation job is, we have the skill level to serve your needs. Team members have written low-level control algorithms for embedded systems, programmed GUIs for scientific analysis systems on Sun Sparkstations, and written 3D engines for the video game market.

Video Screens by ATW Artists

Our 20-year background in video game development is perhaps our greatest strength. Have you ever wondered why the user interfaces on video games are beautiful, animated and intuitive, while the interface on your control system looks like it arrived in a time machine from 1986? A goal of ours is to bring video-game quality interfaces to the world of automation.

Crestron Experts

Automate the World, Inc. specializes in programming and installing Crestron control systems. Several team members are certified Crestron programmers and have been working with Crestron's tools and technology as far back as 1993. Company President and CEO, Dr. Dana Dominiak, has installed and programmed an advanced Crestron system at her home, consisting of multiple Crestron processors, a Crestron lighting system, and multiple Crestron A/V pieces.

Key Management

Automate the World, Inc. is managed by tech-savvy geeks, and some normal, but highly qualified business experts. Running the organization is:

Dana Dominiak, CEO

Dr. Dana Dominiak

Dana Dominiak is a Certified Crestron programmer and holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Illinois Institute of Technology. With vast programming experience in many languages including C and C++, Dr. Dominiak specializes in advanced SIMPL+ Crestron programing. Work in this area includes creating drivers for IP and RS-232 based audio streaming devices and DMX-512 lighting controllers. Crestron programming experience also includes work designing and implementing D3-Pro lighting installations.

In addition to degrees in Computer Science, Dana holds a degree in Fine Art and also specializes in designing graphical user interfaces for touchpanels and computer applications. Custom touchpanel designs have been deployed in numerous high-end residential installations using Crestron's VT Pro-e software and custom SIMPL programs. Work in GUIs extends to 18 years of experience in the video game industry, including design, graphics, and programming. In addition, she has extensive experience programming graphical interfaces of energy analysis systems for institutions such as Argonne National Laboratory and the International Atomic Energy Agency.

As a hobby, Dr. Dominiak is an Adjunct Professor at Lewis University and teaches courses such as Computer Graphics and C/C++ Programming. She also enjoys designing and prototyping custom control and monitoring circuits using the Arduino board and various electronics prototyping systems. Despite all this, she is a fairly normal human being.

Janet York, Director of Business Development

Janet York

Janet York has over 15 years financial, audit and consulting experience. Previous positions include research analyst at an international consulting firm, and audit manager at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Janet holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors from DePaul University and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

In recent years, she has worked as financial manager and project director for the software developer Webfoot Technologies, Inc. While having absolutely no programming experience and an occasional fear of her iPhone, Janet brings the ability to manage financial and project responsibilities to Automate the World.