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In order to keep you in the loop on new developments, we share videos, tweets and blogs. Visit us on these social networking sites:


We'll post things like short news items and screen-shots here. We'd love it if you would ask questions and post on our Facebook wall. Our home on Facebook is:


Various Automate the World staff will periodically post in-depth articles and reviews here. If you'd like to read some of our views of the automation industry or various products, or read an analysis of one of our projects, this is the place to look. Our Blogspot is:


Whatever we can say in as few characters as possible goes here. We're not 100% sure why everyone tweets so often, but we'll be sure to update you often on when we're eating or going to the bathroom. Our home on twitter is:


Look on YouTube for videos of our interfaces and automation apps running on your favorite platform or touchpanel:

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